Kinstretch with EONA Online

This is the last step before you can enter into the cult... cough, cough... we mean the community. 

  • When you subscribe, you will be setting up an automatic monthly subscription payment (40 Euros/month) with Paypal.


  • We are currently using Facebook to share our videos and content (we are in the process of getting an upgrade). Search and request to join the group EONA MVMNT ONLINE, which we will approve upon payment confirmation. (Please make sure you let us know if your Facebook name differs from your actual name).


  • Before you jump onto the first class, make sure you go through all the UNITS, and LIKE once completed. The EONA MVMNT ONLINE Facebook group is meant to be interactive and supportive of your questions and queries, so do not hesitate to ask away or leave comments about your experience of the classes! There will be 3 classes a month rolling in and out, with a new class in rotation every 1st, 11th, 21th of the month.

  • HAVE FUN and share your journey with the rest of the community online, making sure to tag us @eona_mvmnt and using the #KinstretchwithEONA.

Thanks for submitting!