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The brainchild of Loic and Sara while on their adventures in India in 2018. The idea initially started with suggestions from friends to run a yoga retreat that gave Sara the opportunity to share in depth detail and techniques about the asana practice that can be hard to do in normal 1 hour long classes. With Loic's multi-talents in Business, Graphic Design and building websites plus Sara's excitement to create a week long retreat program that layered detailed information on how to mindfully move, EONA YOGA was first born! 

Since then their offerings have evolved to EONA MVMNT (EONA standing for Essence of (non) Alignment), which combines their passions of yoga and Crossfit 
with the principles from the Functional Range Conditioning (FRC®) System & Kinstretch®. The aim is to have fun, challenging and thought provoking practices in cool places, with awesome food and options to do fun activities, like surf, scuba, snorkel, or hiking! What better way to spend a holiday?!

In each 
practice/workshop you can expect refined exploration of technique, inspired from Sara's yearly Iyengar based trainings in India, plus from her gymnastics and movement background, she creatively integrates interesting mobility drills, sneaky strengthening exercises and lots of prop inspired playtime! Each class is designed to not only be experiential, but also, educational, so even from seasoned teachers to the occasional practitioner, you learn something new, about yourself and how to move better. 

EONA MVMNT retreats and workshops are unique experiences expanding the world, from Australia, to Belgium, Portugal and soon France. These are adventurous retreats aimed for adventurous people... intrigued???

Join us on our next retreat :)